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Shiraz,Haimi,?,Ariff,?,Zoob,afs & Yusran "Mapei"
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Shiraz Haimi Ariff

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Sunday, 12-Nov-2006 08:19
Powerman Malaysia 2006 in Lumut
The fifth Powerman Malaysia was held in Lumut,Perak on 11th November 2006 where I entered under Powerman Individual (Long Distance) section doing the 10km RUN -60km BIKE- 10km RUN.

The race number issued to me was 277 under Men section Age group 50-59 years old where there were only twenty-six participants (including Zubir Zainal aka Zoob the Joob and our junior in RMC, OP Ahmad Jauhari Yahya -year 70)

The race started at 1300hrs & it was very very hot :crazy: :crazy_freak: but it started to rain while we were cycling...very scary :scared: & the rain stopped after about an hour.
I realised that I missed the 5 hour deadline just as I passed the Lumut Yacht Club but still carried on & finished the race...... :weee: :groucho: the organisors still gave me a Finisher Medal & a Finisher Tee-Shirt - finished the race,whatttt!

I completed the race in 5hrs 8mins (218/246) , Zoob my buddy completed his in 4hrs 40mins (170/246) :horay: :you_crazy: & well done brudder! & just to give a base line,the champion Benny Vanssteeland from Belgium did it in 2hrs 45mins :oh_god: :crazy_freak:
Ahmad Jauhari did it in 4hrs 15mins (118/246)...no choice because being a junior budak boy (at 52years old) he got to beat both of us! :laugh_at: 8-)

1. All the ladies overtook me except for a 62 year old lady by the name of Patsy.
2. Praying for a hot day so that everybody will be tired but unfortunately I was more tired!
3. Too relaxed on the first 10km (1hr 14mins) plus pushed too much in the earlier stages of biking resulting in a feeling of cramp creeping up my left calf so had to cycle with one leg for about half an hour & surprisingly felt quite strong in the last 10km run...must remember to "listen" to your body.
4. The only consolation was that, there were 13 participants who did not complete the race & there were a lot of younger people behind me!
5. I must really lose some more weight because the Michelin Man look is still there! Unfortunately,still enjoy my nasi lemak & roti canai after a good bike session.

I must thank my official photograher ,Julia (Mrs Zoob) for being very patient! Also must thank my room mate "youngman" Rahim becos without him,I would be very "naugthy" & may not be able to make it to the race the next day!

Conclusion = I am not a good Runner, I am not a good cyclist, I am not a good swimmer so I must be a TRIATHLETE lah ! :lol_teethfull: :satisfied_nod: :-P 8-)
Therefore,must start training from now for 2007 & who knows possibily try for Ironman in 2008?

Most important,I really enjoy every minute of it with great company esp Zoob & family plus made a lot of new friends. :lol_crash: :you_crazy: :crazy_drunk:

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