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Somewhere in Kota Bharu
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Somewhere Kota Bharu

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Tuesday, 7-Aug-2007 22:37
Apo Nak DiKato
Yes just as the above title,what is there to say after almost NINE months of inactivity of my Fotopages :head_bang: :annoyed: & of course many many things happened during that period.

Sadly I have to start with the death of my best friend of 43 years - Mohamad Zubir Zainal Abidin aka Zoob the Joob drowned on 22nd July 2007 at Port Dickson....we were doing our first Triathlon together (funnily enough we both promised to start serious training for the PD triathlon 2007 after the Powerman 2006 in Lumut) ....as usual he was serious & I was playing around especially during our swimming training sessions at his Club....anyway I enjoyed the nasi lemak at the Club!

That's one of the reasons he was so successful in his corporate life where he would give his everything to achieve the target.......knew him since beginning of secondary schooling at MBS KL (of course he was in the best class whilst your sincerely was in the last class!) Both of us plus another twelve (I think...anyway it was a record number from one school) went to the Royal Military College, Sungei Besi in 1967 & we were together in the UK for a number of years after that.....he came back earlier & we kept in touch quite often.

Both of our parents knew each other very well & I can say that we were closer to each other than our own siblings......of course thats due to the similar activities where both of us enjoyed doing TOGETHER.....we used to meet up, sometimes unplanned, at "certain" establishments in KL where I must say that both of us were quite well-known (those days lah! Corporate mahhh) & sang our hearts out especially our favourite song "Don't let the Sun go down on me" by Elton John & George Micheal.....We always sing that in the public area (ahemmm...for those who are familiar with these establishments) & u could imagine the response we got! :bounce_p:

Of course there were many many things we did together which could not be disclosed and shall remain in my mind till the day I go.......no regrets just good memories

In fact,the term of "Kutuberahag" (shortened to "Kutu") which represents our Kelas 67 (RMC Intake of 1967), was coined by Zoob....rationale = we are humble enough to accept even such a name because it means "street urchins or gangsters"...we became a serious force in 1998 & we were in the midst of celebrating our 40th Anniversary of Kelas 67 this year......and he has to "go"

I knew that he was so happy when I started cycling in early 2006 so that we could be much closer....which we did & since then we were in contact by phone and/or email at least ONCE a day without fail.....we had our own "language" where there are certain words where only we understand!

He told me this story about early this year....I commented that his father was very serious-looking especially during his last years of life & he told me that apparently his father's best friend died in his arms.....Zoob's comment was "Ya lah, best friend macam kita lah.......hang jangan buat macam tu kat aku".........didn't realise that it was the other way round.

Enough said for now.....I don't apologise for the rambling above because it is my right....

Good Bye my friend Zoob the Joob.......

Sahabat yang telah mendahului kita

empat dekad pantas berlalu,
detik pertama kita bersua,
dikau membawa jenaka mu,
riuh rendah empat sains dua...

dikau berbakat bak seniman,
dengan lagu dan irama mu,
dikau senang berteman taulan,
kekawan gumbira bersama mu...

tidak semudah di lupakan,
pesta remaja di rumah mu,
sudah tentu jadi ingatan,
budi baik keluarga mu...

bersama sama pula merantau,
nun jauh di seberang benua,
sungguh gumbira hati perantau,
bila kawan menyambut nya tiba...

di tanah air bersama mu,
bersama berjuang satu ikatan,
berbasikal di hujung minggu,
mengeratkan lagi persahabatan...

bila diri terlantar sendiri,
ramai taulan menghantar simpati,
tapi bila ku imbas kembali,
hanya dikau berada di sisi...

hidup mati jodoh dan rezeki,
semuanya di tangan yang satu,
takdir degupan jantung terhenti,
dikau yang pertama di samping ku...

sungguh tidak ku sangka sangka,
dikau pula yang mendahului,
walau pun diri ini yang terasa,
seperti mati hidup kembali...

dunia hanya sementara,
akhirat juga yang kekal abadi,
semoga dikau di terima,
bersama sama yang di redhai...

pengakhir kata sahabat ku,
hanya do'a jadi bekalan,
budi mu terpahat di hati ku,
selamat jalan pahlawan ...

... hingga ketemu semula

~ Pujangga ~
Allahuakbar...Allah Is Great

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